Award-Winning Financial Advice Platform and Risk Profiling Toolkit

PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica Pty Ltd., two veteran and highly regarded firms, combined their 45 years of experience and formally evolved their decade-long collaboration in 2017 to become PlanPlus Global Inc.

The PlanPlus financial advice platform offers the broadest set of software tools to serve the worldwide financial advice community through our multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional (taxation) financial planning software and next-gen intelligent automated financial advice solutions (robo-advisor).

The FinaMetrica psychometric risk tolerance tools enables financial institutions and advisors alike to meet the increasingly onerous KYC and ‘suitability of investments’ regulatory regimes, such as DoL (US), MiFID II (Europe) and CRM 2 (Canada).

PlanPlus Global is a recognized thought leader in the areas of financial planning and risk profiling, and our solutions are all founded on leading academic and evidence-based research, as well as industry ‘best practices’. PlanPlus Global’s solutions are used everyday by thousands of financial institutions and financial advisors from more than 30 countries. For more information on the FinaMetrica Risk Profiling toolkit visit www.riskprofiling.com.


At PlanPlus, our mission is to empower you with the financial planning tools and training to provide unprecedented, objective advice and services to your clients.

We bring a global perspective on Best Practices, a unique commitment to fundamental research in the field of financial planning and a practical approach in our solution to allow scalable, cost-effective delivery of your services.

If you are a financial advisor today, putting your client’s best interest first may be a result of regulatory, compliance or fiduciary necessity; an emotional desire to work with them in a more fulfilling manner; or a commercial understanding that being trustworthy with happy clients will result in more business and income for you and your firm.

I invite you to take a few minutes to discover more about what we do, and you too may join the thousands of financial advisors located in countries all over the planet that are working with us today!

Shawn Brayman
President & CEO
Shawn Brayman, President & CEO

Shawn Brayman, President & CEO


  • PlanPlus founder
  • 25+ years experience in financial services and technology
  • BSc (Math, Computers), MES (Expert Systems)
  • Chartered Financial Planner (1997)
  • Winner “Financial Frontier Research Award” by Journal of Financial Planning (1997)
  • Best Paper Award “Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity”, Academy of Financial Services (2011)
  • Board of Directors, Financial Planning Association (2013)
  • International speaker on financial planning
  • To see Shawn’s complete bio click here
Larry Bowen, Vice President Operations

Larry Bowen, Vice President Operations

  • 20+ years of operational IT experience at EDS, others
  • BMathematics, U. of Waterloo; majoring in Operations Research with minors in Computer Science and Statistics
  • Experience in project management, client management, product development, and managing a call center

Strategic Partners

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Financial Planning Associations

The Canadian Institute of Financial PlanningFinancial Planning Association



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Technology Awards

  • Canadian Investment Awards ’06 – Best Use of Technology – 2nd Place (DIME)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’06 – Best Use of Technology – 3rd Place (PlanPlus for Students)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’07 – Best Use of Technology – 3rd Place (IPC)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’08 – Best Use of Technology – 2nd Place (with NBCN)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’08 – Best Use of Technology – 1st Place (IPC)
  • IBM Beacon Awards ’09 – Finalist – Software as a Service


Research Awards

  • FPA Journal of Financial Planning ’07 – Financial Frontiers Awards – Beyond Monte Carlo
    Analysis Research Paper
  • PA Journal of Financial Planning ’09 – Financial Frontiers Awards – Income Replacement vs.
    Expense Based Insurance Needs
  • Academy of Financial Services ’11 – Best Paper Award – Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity
  • FPA-BE Baltimore ’16 – Best Applied Research Award – Risk Profiling in Canada & Global Best Practices research sponsored by the OSC-Investor Advisory Panel
  • Academy of Financial Services’16 – AFS-CFP® Board Award for Best Retirement Planning Research – Combining Stochastic Simulations and Actuarial Withdrawals into One Model


Education and Training Awards

  • Canadian Investment Awards ’07 – Advisor Education – 1st Place (Advice Transition Program)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’08 – Advisor Education – 1st Place (IPC)
  • Canadian Investment Awards ’09 – Best New Initiative – 3rd Place (Planipedia.org)
Income Replacement Versus Expense Approach to Insurance Needs Analysis

Income Replacement Versus Expense Approach to Insurance Needs Analysis

The objective of this research is to try to determine to what extent the results of these two “pure” analytical approaches identify different “needs”, based on varied criteria like age bands or different client net worth amounts.

Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity

Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity

New generation models of assessing a client’s profile for investment purposes differentiates among factors like the client’s tolerance for risk which is a psychological trait, the client’s required risk which is a how much risk a client might be required to take to achieve desired goals, and risk capacity which is how much risk the client can afford to take.

Risk tolerance assessments have taken significant strides forward with the introduction of psychometrics, but when it comes to defining risk capacity, the approach remains anecdotal. Client profiling questionnaires may ask one or two questions like “How much risk can you afford to take?” but what is “risk capacity” and how do we measure it?


Beyond Monte Carlo Analysis

The application of Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) in financial planning is a largely misunderstood technology that does not deliver the results as advertised. This paper identifies those misunderstandings and outlines a simpler, more accurate algorithmic approach.

Planning for the Future

As a company that specializes in helping people visualize their future, PlanPlus believes that corporate social responsibility should be an imperative for any firm. There are three primary areas where PlanPlus focuses our own activities.

Children – the next generation

PlanPlus has elected to focus on children in third world and emerging countries.

  • PlanPlus has been an active long time supporter of the Foster Parents Plan.
  • PlanPlus is a supporter of an educational program in India on behalf of iCanReach, where the goal was to reach as many as 10,000 children.
  • PlanPlus provides monetary support to an orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The orphanage was selected based on the personal contacts of members of PlanPlus from Malaysia and Canada.

Education & Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is crucial for individuals to build a good life today and into the future. PlanPlus is committed to promoting financial education with consumers, students and professionals.

  • Planipedia.org – PlanPlus is the founder and a continuing supporter of Planipedia, the world’s first global financial planning wiki, an open source project supported by associations from around the world to provide access to objective financial planning information.
  • PlanPlus Community Edition – a free level of access to financial calculators and tools for people anywhere.
  • PlanPlus for Students – PlanPlus makes its professional financial planning software freely available to universities, colleges and educators anywhere.
  • CIFPS Financial Planning Challenge – PlanPlus is a 2013 and 2014 sponsor of the financial planning challenge amongst students in Canada that are enrolled in CFP® education programs.
  • FPA International Sponsor – PlanPlus is one of the International Sponsors of the FPA Annual Conference (in Orlando Oct 2013) for the 4th year running. This is the premier event bringing financial planners from around the globe together to learn, share and discuss.
  • PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards – PlanPlus is the creator and sponsor of the first global awards for recognition of exceptional financial planners who clearly place the client’s best interest above all else in the planning process.

Environmental Sustainability

PlanPlus firmly believes in supporting environmental sustainability and supports this in a number of ways.

  • Internal policies to promote recycling, water and energy conservation in all of our operations.
  • Travel policies to cover carbon offset on all airline travel and to provide higher travel compensation for employees with green vehicles (hybrid, electric, etc).
  • Use of technology to reduce carbon-producing travel wherever possible in favour of electronic delivery of our services.


PlanPlus recognizes that corporate social responsibility does not start and stop by checking a few boxes in a couple of categories but is a philosophical and cultural approach to how a firm does business. It should be reflected every day in how we operate. We are proud of what we have done and see no limits on what we can continue to do in the future.

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