In just a few steps, this tool will be able to identify which of the available PlanPlus Planit modules will be the right fit for you.


How would you describe yourself?

  • I am a financial professional and give advice to clients
  • I am an individual or advisor looking for some simple calculators

What types of advice do you provide?

  • I am a professional financial planner and position myself as such to clients. I provide comprehensive financial, business or estate planning to some clients
  • Single goals such as retirement needs, death or disability needs analysis, or investment planning

Do you have clients that are tax residents in another country, or considering becoming so, for which you want to plan?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you recommend products for your client to implement the plan?

  • No, I do not
  • Yes, but not in the planning process
  • I only provide Investment Advice
  • I only provide Insurance Advice
  • I recommend multiple types of products

How do you assess a clients risk tolerance to determine suitable strategies or products?

  • I deal with high net worth clients and need the top psychometric risk test
  • I would like a reliable and objective psychometric risk test
  • I use my judgment or other questionnaires provided in the industry

How would you use the calculators?

  • Interactively with clients
  • For myself