FinaMetrica Newsletter November 2015

FinaMetrica’s November newsletter unveils a dramatic new report on the Robo Revolution. The newsletter also examines whether robo technology is advanced enough to meet client interests. Read more …

German Financial Planning Competition Announced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National German Financial Planning Competition Announced for 2016 Berlin, GERMANY, November 20, 2015 –PlanPlus Inc. announced the launch of a national German Financial Planning Awards competition starting in 2016 during today’s Financial Planner Forum in Berlin, organized by network financial planner e. V. Interested planners must submit a financial plan based on a real client case (with the permission of that client), which will be reviewed by a panel of qualified judges. Each submission will be judged based on the advisor’s recommendations to their client in order to help them reach their goals and objectives, while keeping the client’s best interests at the forefront. PlanPlus has sponsored a Global Financial Planning Awards competition for the past 3 … Continued

FinaMetrica Newsletter – June 2015

FinaMetrica June’s Newsletter examines the “Bucket Shop” approach to retirement planning. Also highlighted is a survey of advisors revealing that limiting client choices may result in better investment outcomes. Also covered in this newsletter of a reivew of FinaMetrica Plus, an upgraded tool that has extensive built-in asset allocation mappings functionality. The final section covers research that suggests women investors routinely outperform men.

Compete With Robo-Advisors

Interview by Investment Executive reporter where PlanPlus President Shawn Brayman discusses how advisors can compete against the robo-advisor. Learn more about our Gen III white label robo advisor built on best practices!   Read article

FinaMetrica Newsletter – May 2015

FinaMetrica’s May Newsletter examines new sanctions that will applyl to US advisors who give clients unsuitable advice. FinaMetrica Co-Founder and Director Paul Resnik provides information on avoiding groupthink where investment decisions are made jointly. FinaMetrica also takes a look at who’s using robo-advisors and points reader to the new Investor Profiler Solution which will facilitate automated advice.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – April 2015

FinaMetrica’s April Newsletter provides advisors with information on how they can better prepare for a market correction. Also included in this newsletter is information from Michael Kitces on the usefulness of the technology being used by robo-advisors, and information on the Global Financial Planning Awards.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – March Edition

FinaMetrica’s March Newsletter includes an interesting article about ensuring client’s needs are met by adopting FinaMetrica’s Five Suitability Proofs..

PlanPlus Releases Tax-Optimized Withdrawal Features for Retirees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, CANADA, March 6, 2015 – PlanPlus Inc. announced the release of version 6.1 of their PlanPlus Planit financial planning software that includes unique enhancements to help advisors determine optimal account withdrawal strategies for their clients. Most advisors recommend strategies to minimize the amount of tax that a client pays by deferring as much taxable income as possible for as long as possible, however, during retirement this isn’t always the best strategy. PlanPlus took the latest research in optimized investment withdrawal strategies, in order to minimize lifetime taxes and to make it very simple for an advisor to implement. The basic idea is that if a client is in a low tax bracket early in retirement it … Continued

PlanPlus Announces 2014 Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lindsay, Ontario, CANADA, October 1, 2014 – The 2014 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards winners were recently announced during the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference in Seattle. Winners received an all-expense paid trip to the conference where the awards were presented. The first place winner for the Americas region is Rose Swanger, an MBA, CFP® from Knoxville, Tennessee, and the first place winner for Asia is Gavin Teoh Hock Geh from Malaysia. Lovaii Navlakhi from India was chosen as the first runner-up for Asia. The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning awards recognize top financial planners based on their demonstration of providing outstanding financial planning advice clearly focusing on the best interests of the client. Advisors from all over … Continued

Can a Robot Replace You?

PlanPlus President Shawn Brayman participates in an interview with reporters, giving his opinion on the Automation of Financial Advisors. Read Article

PlanPlus and FinaMetrica Release New Best of Breed Risk Profiling Tool

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 25, 2014 – Toronto CANADA – PlanPlus Inc., a global leader in financial and investment planning software and FinaMetrica, an Australian-based firm with a globally supported psychometric risk tolerance test for advisors have collaborated to release a new best-of-breed risk profiling and suitability analysis for financial advisors and firms. “Research has shown that most risk questionnaires are simply portfolio pickers and do not actually measure the risk tolerance of a client,” said Paul Resnik, Co-Founder of FinaMetrica. “By combining our new test with PlanPlus Planit‘s portfolio and goal planning I think we have created the best solution available for advisors and firms today to ensure they understand and provide advice suitable to the client.” FinaMetrica has … Continued

GFPA 2014 Opens for Entries

The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards Opened for Entries on June 1st. Enter your submissions before the July 15th closing date.Click here to find out how to complete your submission. Read Press Release

PlanPlus Announces New Global Financial Planning Awards

PlanPlus announced the launch of the PlanPlus Global Planning Awards, a global competition to showcase the value of financial planning. There will be three awards winners, one for the Americas, Europe and Asia. Find out more …