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PlanPlus for Students is the world’s most practical solution for teaching students how to create a financial plan by using state of the art technology. PlanPlus for Students is web-based and easily integrates into academic programs. Students have the full functionality of PlanPlus Planit Professional software including FinaMetrica, integrated Morningstar data and more. PlanPlus for Students provides tools to help students solve personal financial planning problems that are part of their courses using a series of financial calculators.

Students will learn how to generate a variety of financial planning documents and will have access to on-line workbooks with case studies and worked examples. These workbooks are available for multiple jurisdictions including Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Malaysia-Islamic and Singapore. Today students face increased demands to be able to demonstrate competency, not just in concepts but also in the ability to create financial plans as part of the Capstone Course in many programs. PlanPlus for Students makes the job of the instructor easier because it creates a benchmark. It helps the student by giving them hands on tools to get their assignments done.

PlanPlus for Students is FREE and is available in multiple languages and countries. On demand Elearning teaches students the mechanics of using the software, minimizing impact on the instructor. Educational institutions using PlanPlus for Students are provided email help desk access for students with technical issues. If you are not ready to register your class but would like to preview a demo of PlanPlus for Students, just click on the Demo Now button below.


Accompanying the PlanPlus for Students online software is the 130-page Student Workbook providing instructional case studies and practice exercises for students. The Workbook incorporates the software and document production process with real-life situations so students learn to problem-solve and apply classroom knowledge. The Student Workbook comes with a 60-page Instructor’s Answer Guide for reference and/or to facilitate presentation techniques. Student Workbooks have been created for Canada, Malaysia, Malaysia (Islamic), Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Student Workbooks

The following is a list of the Student Workbooks that are available in Planipedia and for use with PlanPlus for Students. Each workbook is constructed from case studies and exercises, some of which are localized for a specific country. At this time exercises have been localized for:

  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia Islamic Planning
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

Additional countries can be localized in the Workbook at any time. Please visit Planipedia.org for Educators for a full list of available workbooks, case studies and exercises for students. The Workbooks have been structured to correspond to the organization of many of the educational programs provided in Financial Planning educational programs.

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