Dutch CRM Integrates with Global Suitability Specialist


SCOPE Adopts PlanPlus’s Risk Profiling Solution

Toronto, CANADA, February 12, 2017 – SCOPE Marketing Technology b.v. today announced they had integrated the FinaMetrica risk tolerance test and miPlanPlus goal based profiler into their new SCOPE KYC Cloud solution.

“SCOPE, a CRM leader in the Netherlands for over thirty years, now meets the new European Know Your Client requirements that went into effect January 2018.” said Shawn Brayman, CEO of PlanPlus Global. “We’re excited to have them integrate their platform to our multi-jurisdictional risk profiling and assessment solution.”

“We’re experts in collecting information about clients, analysing data and tracking communications. We recognized that MiFID II’s requirements for a defensible scientific risk profiling methodology needed expertise we did not have and needn’t usefully develop.” said Fred A.J. van ‘t Hoff, CEO of SCOPE. “Our team quickly determined that FinaMetrica, a division of PlanPlus Global, was the most proven risk tolerance profiler to be found. By integrating their algorithms we rapidly bring a best in class solution to the Dutch and European markets.”

The ability for the PlanPlus solution to be efficiently configured for different countries and languages was critical to the implementation.

About PlanPlus Global Inc.

PlanPlus Inc. merged with FinaMetrica in 2017 to form PlanPlus Global. FinaMetrica founded in 1998 is a world leader in scientific personal risk tolerance testing. The FinaMetrica tool kit includes 25 and 10 question tests, mapping of risk scores to multi-asset portfolios and comprehensive portfolio back histories to help frame investment expectations. For more information about FinaMetrica visit www.riskprofiling.com

For the past 25 years PlanPlus Inc. has been providing innovative investment and financial planning software and training to financial institutions, professional advisors and the general public. PlanPlus Planit has become a global industry leader with its groundbreaking multi-currency, multi-language capabilities, and it is currently used in more than 30 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.planplus.com

About SCOPE Marketing Technology B.V.

SCOPE Marketing Technology B.V. is a leading Dutch CRM supplier founded in 1987 with a strong customer base in Financial Services. In 2016 the company started the development of a European SCOPE Know Your Customer Cloud solution. The software helps companies to be MiFID II and GDPR 2018 compliant. Currently SCOPE Marketing Technology B.V. is being recognised as a thought leader in the KYC, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Customer Boarding (CB) market place. For information call Mr. Bas van der Veer on +31 23 5179200 (UTC + 1) or visit www.scope.nl/

PlanPlus Press Contact:

Paul Resnik, Director of Global Marketing

Email: paul.resnik@planplus.com