The third annual Malaysia Financial Planning Award competition opens

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PlanPlus announces opening of the 2017 Malaysian Financial Planner of the Year Award Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, February 15, 2017 – PlanPlus announced the launch of its third annual Malaysia Financial Planner of the Year Award (MFPYA) competition. The competition was originally initiated in order to boost the level of professionalism within the Malaysian financial planning industry. Our goal was to raise the standards for advisors to ensure  that clients receive higher quality advice from their advisors. “Supporting organizations play a large role in the process as we are dependent on them to get the word out to their members,” said John Page, Awards Chair. “This year’s awards are supported by our founding sponsor, the Financial Planning Association … Continued

FinaMetrica launches new webinar series

FinaMetrica has launched a new webinar series. Working with FinaMetrica’s Risk and Return Guides is the first topic of the series. Click here to view the webinar.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – January Issue

In this issue you will learn more about Financial Risks for Older Women, and designing portfolios that ensure you reach your goals without losing sleep over the risks. And finally, view our recent podcast on Auditing Risk Profiling Systems.  Read more in FinaMetrica’s January Newsletter.

PlanPlus Inc. launches miPlanPlus – a major breakthrough in online advice

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, USA, November 3, 2016 – PlanPlus is delighted to announce the launch of miPlanPlus – the first Generation III white-labeled Robo advisor that fully integrates current financial services industry best practices. An innovative provider of financial and investment planning software currently used in 30 countries around the world, PlanPlus is proud to be partnering in this endeavour with FinaMetrica – the acknowledged leader in the field of psychometric risk profiling. PlanPlus has been carefully monitoring trends in the Robo space for some time, and has identified shortcomings of the existing offerings which, when properly addressed, will produce an online advisory platform that delivers significant benefits to both individual investors and the financial institutions … Continued

Academy of Financial Services (AFS) Announces Two Best Paper Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, NV, Oct 20, 2016 – The Academy of Financial Services held its 31st annual meeting at Harrah’s Las Vegas where they announced two “Best Paper Awards”. Jeff Camarda was awarded the PlanPlus Best Paper Award for his Draft PhD Dissertation from the American College for his research on “Do Financial Advisory Designations such as CFP®, ChFP® and CFA® Connote Lower FINRA Misconduct?” The AFS Conference is the premiere academic conference in the personal finance sector with over 120 attendees and research papers from institutions in the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, South East Asia and New Zealand. Best Paper Awards are based on “blind” or “double-blind” assessment criteria where a panel of judges evaluates the papers … Continued

Award Winning Research Published in Journal of Financial Planning

Shawn Brayman and co-author Larry Frank Sr.’s award winning research paper was published in the November edition of the Journal of Financial Planning. The paper entitled “Combining Stochastic Simulations and Actuarial Withdrawals into One Model” was recently awarded the Academy of Financial Services – CFP Board Award for Best Retirement Planning Research. View paper  

PlanPlus President receives additional research award

Shawn Brayman and co-author Larry Frank Sr. received the AFS-CFP Board Award for Best Retirement Planning Research while attending the Academy of Financial Services Annual Meeting. The paper, “Combining Stochastic Simulations and Actuarial Withdrawals into One Model” will be published in the November issue of the Journal of Financial Planning.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – September Issue

Check out Finametrica’s new guide – The Language of Risk.The guide is designed help the financial services industry focus on how risk is described and put into context for clients. Read more in FinaMetrica’s September newsletter.

PlanPlus announces 2016 Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, Aug 10, 2016 – PlanPlus announces the winners of the 2016 Global Financial Planning Awards, with Rose Swanger from Tennessee taking the honors for the Americas region, Ann Marie Regal of Singapore coming out on top for Asia and David Reed from Australia winning for Europe/Australia. The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards were launched four years ago to recognize the importance of financial planning in our society. Top financial planners from three global regions – the Americas, Asia and Europe/Australia – are recognized. Competing planners must submit a written financial plan that has been developed and presented to an actual client and which clearly shows the delivery of outstanding financial advice focused exclusively on the client’s best … Continued

Risk-Testing Portfolio’s May Help Win Clients

Here is the latest news from FinaMetrica. This month highlights findings from Bob Vere’s case study testing of two FinaMetrica integrations. Be sure to read the article on Compliance Becomes a Boardroom Issue to learn about Old World Compliance vs. New World Compliance. Also covered in this edition are – Digital Technology Should Make Decisions Easier, The Problems with Unscientific Psychological Tests, and New FinaMetrica Mappings. July Newsletter  

Financial Services Watchtower Report – July

The July edition of the FinaMetrica Watchtower Report by Paul Resnik focuses on anxiety and uncertainty found within the financial services sector. A must read!

FinaMetrica Newsletter – April 2016

This month FinaMetrica announces the launch of a their new Service Portal. The portal makes it even quicker and easier for you to interact with your clients. The newsletter also covers the findings of Rui Yao, associate professor of personal financial planning at MUA. Find out more about How ‘Winning” Can Make You a Loser! The newsletter also covers the Art & Science of Risk Profiling providing you with more information on why investment suitability is the foundation of good financial advice, and finally, take a looks at the podcast by FinaMetrica’s Paul Resnik exploring the changes in investing behaviour since the recession of 2008. Read newsletter

Anja Schuhmacher wins PlanPlus draw at Berlin Financial Planner Forum

    Anja Schumacher of Deutsche Bank won the draw for our bottle of Canadian single malt scotch at last week’s Berlin Financial Planner Forum. Prosit Anja! PlanPlus would like to congratulate and thank Thomas Abel and network financial planner e.V. for organising a very informative and interesting conference. We look forward to seeing all the participants again next year.

FinaMetrica Newsletter November 2015

FinaMetrica’s November newsletter unveils a dramatic new report on the Robo Revolution. The newsletter also examines whether robo technology is advanced enough to meet client interests. Read more …

German Financial Planning Competition Announced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National German Financial Planning Competition Announced for 2016 Berlin, GERMANY, November 20, 2015 –PlanPlus Inc. announced the launch of a national German Financial Planning Awards competition starting in 2016 during today’s Financial Planner Forum in Berlin, organized by network financial planner e. V. Interested planners must submit a financial plan based on a real client case (with the permission of that client), which will be reviewed by a panel of qualified judges. Each submission will be judged based on the advisor’s recommendations to their client in order to help them reach their goals and objectives, while keeping the client’s best interests at the forefront. PlanPlus has sponsored a Global Financial Planning Awards competition for the past 3 … Continued

FinaMetrica Newsletter – June 2015

FinaMetrica June’s Newsletter examines the “Bucket Shop” approach to retirement planning. Also highlighted is a survey of advisors revealing that limiting client choices may result in better investment outcomes. Also covered in this newsletter of a reivew of FinaMetrica Plus, an upgraded tool that has extensive built-in asset allocation mappings functionality. The final section covers research that suggests women investors routinely outperform men.

Compete With Robo-Advisors

Interview by Investment Executive reporter where PlanPlus President Shawn Brayman discusses how advisors can compete against the robo-advisor. Learn more about our Gen III white label robo advisor built on best practices!   Read article

FinaMetrica Newsletter – May 2015

FinaMetrica’s May Newsletter examines new sanctions that will applyl to US advisors who give clients unsuitable advice. FinaMetrica Co-Founder and Director Paul Resnik provides information on avoiding groupthink where investment decisions are made jointly. FinaMetrica also takes a look at who’s using robo-advisors and points reader to the new Investor Profiler Solution which will facilitate automated advice.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – April 2015

FinaMetrica’s April Newsletter provides advisors with information on how they can better prepare for a market correction. Also included in this newsletter is information from Michael Kitces on the usefulness of the technology being used by robo-advisors, and information on the Global Financial Planning Awards.

FinaMetrica Newsletter – March Edition

FinaMetrica’s March Newsletter includes an interesting article about ensuring client’s needs are met by adopting FinaMetrica’s Five Suitability Proofs..

PlanPlus Releases Tax-Optimized Withdrawal Features for Retirees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, CANADA, March 6, 2015 – PlanPlus Inc. announced the release of version 6.1 of their PlanPlus Planit financial planning software that includes unique enhancements to help advisors determine optimal account withdrawal strategies for their clients. Most advisors recommend strategies to minimize the amount of tax that a client pays by deferring as much taxable income as possible for as long as possible, however, during retirement this isn’t always the best strategy. PlanPlus took the latest research in optimized investment withdrawal strategies, in order to minimize lifetime taxes and to make it very simple for an advisor to implement. The basic idea is that if a client is in a low tax bracket early in retirement it … Continued

PlanPlus Announces 2014 Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lindsay, Ontario, CANADA, October 1, 2014 – The 2014 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards winners were recently announced during the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference in Seattle. Winners received an all-expense paid trip to the conference where the awards were presented. The first place winner for the Americas region is Rose Swanger, an MBA, CFP® from Knoxville, Tennessee, and the first place winner for Asia is Gavin Teoh Hock Geh from Malaysia. Lovaii Navlakhi from India was chosen as the first runner-up for Asia. The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning awards recognize top financial planners based on their demonstration of providing outstanding financial planning advice clearly focusing on the best interests of the client. Advisors from all over … Continued