PlanPlus National & Global Awards - Gold Leaves & Dots, 2x Blue(2)

We are in the process of expanding the PlanPlus Global Awards Program by adding National competitions. Adding a National competition gives more advisors an opportunity to participate, starting in their own backyard. Each National competition is typically sponsored by a national professional association, which to date has been a Financial Planning Standards Board affiliate.

The National competitions follow the same protocol as the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards competition. Each competition has its own panel of five expert judges. The panel typically consists of three judges from the sponsoring country plus two international judges.

The winner, 1st and 2nd runner up of a National Award automatically advance to the final round of the Global Awards. When a National Award has existing for two years or more, it becomes the only way to get to the Global Awards program from that particular country. This effectively means that to compete at the Global level, you have to first be a winner from your country.

Presently we have competitions in the following countries: Malaysia and Canada.

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