PlanPlus Planit supports many levels of sophistication to match the requirements of each sales channel. Customization of PlanPlus Planit according to the planning requirements of your firm and your advisors is easy, allowing you to choose which features to enable or get rid of. PlanPlus financial planning tools are a scalable solution suitable for counter staff to Certified Financial Planners.

The Technology

PlanPlus Planit is known for its state-of-the-art technology. When combined with Web Services integration, this J2EE Web application becomes a seamless part of your traditional order management and account inquiry systems. Our tools smoothly integrate with a variety of systems to best meet your needs. The combination of an outstanding planning tool, data integration, and excellent training makes PlanPlus Planit one of the best financial tools on the market today.

Deployment Options

  • PlanPlus award winning SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in a shared environment
  • set up as a branded region for your organization
  • A dedicated SaaS implementation on our infrastructure with a dedicated database and PlanPlus Planit implementation
  • An in-house hosting allowing for deployment on your own platforms

Corporate Discounts are available and are based on the number of users in a firm. For more information on purchasing or receiving a quote for your corporation, contact us to have a sales representative assist you.

The Gen III white label robo advisor built on best practices

A Robo advisor….but so much more

True, miPlanPlus does everything a traditional Robo advisor does, but characterizing it as just a Robo advisor is selling the application short – it offers so much more! miPlanPlus is designed as a “white label” product that can seamlessly be integrated into any financial institution’s platform, and to this end, versatility is key – our intention is to provide financial institutions with a tool that accommodates a wide variety of different workflows and processes.


miPlanPlus has a very robust planning process with the following features:

    • Projections modelled using graduated tax rates, providing a much higher degree of accuracy than average tax rates;
    • Government benefits, private pensions, inheritances and other lump sums can be incorporated to produce a more complete and meaningful plan;
    • Both on and off-book assets included;
    • Tax-deferred plans properly treated;
    • Comprehensive “what-if?” modelling available for both clients and advisors;
    • Ongoing monitoring of actual results and comparison with the Plan at the periodicity chosen by the financial institution or the client.

ProfilingRobo Advisor Investor Profile

Our proprietary Professional Judgement MatrixTM takes the discovery process well beyond the usual minimalist “check the box” approach and captures all the dimensions needed to accurately define a client’s investor profile. Risk tolerance is measured using the award-winning FinaMetrica risk profiling tool, and the result is enriched with several other measures of risk, all of which translates into a discovery process fully consistent with industry best practices in this critical area. As a result, financial institutions have the comfort of knowing that when investors agree to purchase the portfolios recommended to them, they are giving truly informed consent with a full understanding of the potential consequences and alternatives.


The future of financial planning will involve a lot more collaboration, with clients taking on their share of the work. This is one area where miPlanPlus really shines because of the user-friendliness of its interface, and the technological architecture underpinning it.

Robo Advisor CollaborationmiPlanPlus is powered by the same underlying engine as PlanPlus Planit – the much more sophisticated planning application we market to financial advisors and institutions. Thanks to this architecture, clients can do a first round of data entry and explore alternatives with miPlanPlus “what-if?” functions, then hand things over to the advisor who refines the plan with PlanPlus Planit. Thanks to the design of our architecture, data is input once, but available anywhere it is needed via application protocol interfaces (APIs).

 Product recommendations

Robo Advisor Portfolio Preview

With the investor profile determined and the plan’s assumptions and projections accepted by the client, miPlanPlus has everything needed to make a portfolio recommendation.  We map the financial institution’s proprietary asset mixes for its model portfolios to the spectrum of investor profiles it has defined. A series of analytics incorporated into this section of miPlanPlus uses historical returns to show how a portfolio with an asset mix similar to the one recommended for a given client performed under adverse conditions, providing a final check that the “fit” is a good one. Among other things, we show the potential for loss in past bear markets and number of months taken to recover from such losses. This section is also be used to disclose the underlying securities making up the recommended portfolio and the costs associated with it.

Interested in finding out more?

This provides you with a thumbnail sketch with some of the features built into miPlanPlus. Want more information?  Click here to download our product brochure.

credential national-bank-financial coast-capital-savings Rogers-Group-Financial


Rogers Group Financial has provided independent financial advice, and implemented planned solutions with Canadians for over 30 years. We support an independent advice model that recognizes the unique needs of our clients, and the considerable creative talents that our advisors bring to the table. Our review of available financial planning tools identified PlanPlus Planit for its flexibility to provide a powerful combination of standard planning functions over a wide range of potential scenarios, while allowing the knowledge and experience of our advisors to guide customized client solutions.

Brett Simpson
Financial Advisor and President
Rogers Group Financial

I have clients who were very serious about retiring and were uncomfortable making the decision due to a lot of unknown financial factors. Given my experience with Plan Plus was limited, I was a tad nervous presenting a plan that these clients would base their decision on and trusting the numbers were correct. After imputing their data, everything looked reasonable but another set of eyes from two of my colleagues turned up a glitch that was embellishing the outcome. I decided to give the Live-Chat option a try and that was where I met Jordan Ritchie, who took my text message. He was very knowledgeable about the program and took great patience to work through my data before locating where my glitch was and took no time at all to clean it up and after an hour of walking me through all the scenarios, the plan looked very reasonable to attain. I presented the plan to these clients and they are now considering, very wisely, if retirement is in their immediate plans for 2017 and we will be meeting one more time in the fall to review all their goals, assets, incomes, expenses, taxes and time horizons to make their decision before year-end. I now use the Plan Plus module frequently and with much more confidence knowing I have a very capable person at the other end of the line. Thanks so much Jordan for all your assistance and if you only knew how much the clients appreciated “our work” on their case, you would be smiling like I am…there is no better feeling than helping clients achieve their goal of retiring early knowing their career-long efforts will be rewarded in their golden years. Cheers.

Drew Finerty
Financial Advisor
Coast Capital Savings

I cant remember who assisted me but the most recent experience was good.  The rep took the time to go into the clients profile on line and let me know what I had to correct in order to conduct a retirement projection and clarified my questions. Thank you

Pat Zabarelos
MD Physician Services

We decided to work with PlanPlus because their PlanPlus Planit solution allows us to support the unique needs of our credit union members. We’re able to provide individualized branding for each credit union. At the same time the PlanPlus solution provides a common technology platform and integration to both our mutual fund and securities back offices.

Paul Isaacson, CLF, CFP
Senior Vice President, Distribution and Sales

The Learning Circle

The Learning Circle is a live training community designed to help users of PlanPlus Planit get the most out of the software. The sessions are also designed to inform and educate advisors of recent developments and items of interest in financial planning.

As an example, one session might cover how to incorporate a defined benefit pension plan into the life goals analysis. While another could discuss how to do a comprehensive needs on death analysis using a life goals approach.

Target Audience: Anyone wishing to attend.

Time Commitment: These sessions typically are 25 – 30 minutes in duration and are held bi-weekly on Thursday’s.

Venue: Because these sessions are held online, participants can be located anywhere as long as they have a computer with an internet connection and speakers to see the visual portion of the presentation.

Cost: These sessions are FREE. Sessions are currently held in English.

Click here to view the current schedule and to register.

Watch and Read Training

PlanPlus Planit Training is provided in both video and text format, in order to cater to different learning needs as much as possible. The video clips allow you to see the data entry process and navigation first hand, while the text allows you to find more specific content quickly.

All training and reading materials are organized into ‘tracks’ so that you get the training that is relevant to your learning objective. And just as there are many different learning objectives for PlanPlus Planit, there are many different tracks so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. This way you have the flexibility to skip ahead, or to look at specific features in more detail.


IPC Sample Investment Planning Counsel
This document is a high level Case Study outlining how PlanPlus Planit has been successfully implemented into a large corporate environment with multiple levels of integration. IPC is also an example of a PlanPlus hosted client and illustrates how PlanPlus supports this type of customer.
CIMB Wealth Advisor CIMB Wealth Advisors
This document is a high level Case Study outlining how PlanPlus Planit has been successfully implemented into a mutual fund company with backend data integration for different groups of users. CIMB Wealth Advisors is also an example of a PlanPlus hosted client and illustrates how PlanPlus supports this type of customer.


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