PlanPlus enters into Affinity Programme with FPAM



Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Jan. 4, 2017  – PlanPlus announced its participation in the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia’s Membership Affinity Programme (MAP) effective January 1, 2017.

The collaboration between FPAM and PlanPlus aims to boost the level of professionalism in the Malaysian financial planning industry. Licensed financial planners will now have access at a very affordable price to the proper tools and services for their specific specialties which will help them to build and enhance the services provided to their clients.

“It has been exciting to see the renewed commitment by FPAM to developing the skills of the financial planners in Malaysia.The goal is to provide better planning services and have planners demonstrate their value to clients, not based on products, but on the quality of the professional advice they deliver,” said Shawn Brayman, PlanPlus President and CEO.

“A Members Survey distributed by FPAM in 2014 found that having the right tools, systems and services was one of the key areas Malaysian licensed financial planners seek,” said Linnet Lee, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. “PlanPlus has demonstrated a commitment to financial planning in Malaysia for many years and we are excited that they have agreed to participate in the program by providing our members with a 20% subscription discount. They have also committed to sponsoring an educational financial planning workshop for subscribers.”

In addition to participation in the FPAM Membership Affinity Programme, PlanPlus also works with FPAM on the Malaysia Financial Planner of the Year (MFPYA) awards competition. The goal of the awards is to promote financial planning excellence in Malaysia and to bring public and industry recognition to local planners.

“2017 will be the third year for the competition,” said John Page, PlanPlus Global and National Financial Planning Awards Chair. “FPAM, in collaboration with other local financial planning associations, has been entirely supportive and committed to the goal of the competition from the onset. We are looking forward to continuing the awards for many years to come.”

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