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Are subscribers required to commit to the subscription for a specific length of time?
There is absolutely no long-term commitment required, PlanPlus subscription is on a month to month basis.

Can a subscription or added options be downgraded?
Yes, a subscription can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. No administration fees would be charged.

How much time is required to cancel a subscription?
At least 1 week before your scheduled monthly withdrawal.

Where can I download the platform?
There is no download required. This is a Web Based solution and accessed in a browser with any connected device.

Is it possible to demo the software?
Yes, you can create your own demo account from our website. Click here to begin your trial.

Are there plans to integrate with Brokers/Dealers or Custodians?
PlanPlus integrates to a number of custodial or back offices systems. Contact a sales representative to ask about your back office.

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