PlanPlus Announces Data Aggregation Integration with Ndex Systems Inc.



TORONTO, Canada, July 7, 2017 – Ndex Systems Inc. and PlanPlus are pleased to announce a fully integrated solution that allows clients to combine the power of PlanPlus Planit as a financial planning tool with the versatility of Ndex’s portfolio management platform.

Ndex is a comprehensive, secure platform that delivers an all-in-one solution including portfolio management, trade order management, rebalancing, reporting, client relationship management and many other functions. With a powerful data aggregation capability that can pull in a client’s financial data from virtually any source, the platform is designed to support the full wealth management lifecycle in a single system. When PlanPlus Planit is added for the delivery of financial planning advice, advisors will have an easy to use and cost effective solution with only the two suppliers.

“Although we currently provide integration to several back offices and technology providers, never before have users had access to the power of data aggregation integration and planning together”, said PlanPlus President, Shawn Brayman. “Financial planning has always required a complete view of a consumer’s holdings and Ndex has done an amazing job of providing this service and more in a cost effective platform. We are proud of this important integration and expect many firms to take advantage of this combined offering”.

“Ndex supports many common clients in both Canada and the US; providing account aggregation and portfolio management”, said Brayman. “The integration will allow Ndex users to automatically link to PlanPlus Planit and update clients, accounts, investments, life insurance and banking. No data is out of reach!”

“It is not about managing assets, it is about managing your clients”, said Laurent Bensemana, President of Ndex Systems. “What clients want today is a holistic perspective. They want the convenience and ability to see all of their financial attributes in one central location. They want a holistic strategy and not a piecemeal strategy”.

About PlanPlus Inc.

For the past 25 years PlanPlus Inc. has been providing innovative investment and financial planning software and training to financial institutions, professional advisors and the general public. PlanPlus Planit has become a global industry leader with its groundbreaking multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction, multi-language capabilities, and it is currently used in more than 30 countries around the world. For more information visit

About Ndex Systems

Since 1999, Ndex Systems Inc. has been devoted to the development of industry-leading wealth management software for the financial industry. Its state-of-the-art products are improving both productivity and profitability for financial institutions worldwide. For more information visit

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