Announcing 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

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For immediate release Aug 32 2019
Announcing 2019 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards Winners

PlanPlus Global, the world-leading financial planning, risk tolerance profiling, and suitability firm, today announces and congratulates the winners of the Global Financial Planning Awards 2019 competition.

The awards were launched seven years ago to help increase global awareness and understanding of the important role played by financial planners around the world. Recognizing the global reach of PlanPlus, the awards invites entries from financial planners in the three regions in which the firm operates – the Americas, Asia and Europe/Australia. Winners receive a fully paid trip to the 2019 FPA annual Conference – this year being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 16 to 18. Winners receive their awards during the annual PlanPlus Global International Breakfast on October 15th.
“This year’s competition was exciting,” said Awards Chair, John Page. “The scores for the top three winners in each region were within one point of each other, making it an extremely close contest. A first-time competitor took top honors for the Americas Region, with returning competitors winning the Asia and Europe regions. The overall quality and depth of the plans for the finalists in all three regions was extraordinary,” said Page.


Michael Palumbos of the USA placed first for the Americas region. Michael is a first time competitor.

“Thank you, PlanPlus, for challenging the advisor community to take a step back and review their planning processes from a 360o view. It’s exciting to have pushed ourselves to compete. The PlanPlus competition truly does judge financial plans based on comprehensiveness, and more importantly the value that financial planning teams add to their clients’ lives.”


Thayn Niemand of South Africa was named as winner for the Asia Region. Thayn is a second time winner, previously winning the title in 2017.

“The PlanPlus Global Financial Planner competition provided me the opportunity to assess whether I was being effective and efficient (“doing things right and doing the right things”). This happens when your output is placed under objective world-class scrutiny by knowledgeable judges. After all, as Sir Isaac Newton wrote in a letter to Robert Hooke in 1676, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Thank you PlanPlus for the opportunity to participate and the Award! “


Paul Greenwood of Australia came out on top for the Europe/Australia region. Paul placed as first runner up for the region in 2018.

”I am thrilled to be named the winner of the 2019 PlanPlus Global Awards competition for the Europe Region. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to share WealthSpan’s work and our client’s story with the judges and I have learned a great deal. The WealthSpan team are also beneficiaries of this special award. They now have a greater appreciation that what they do every day is first class and that their efforts really do matter. While I tell them it does, nothing cuts through to the same extent as being recognised by PlanPlus and their team of international judges. It’s a great competition and the only one we have ever taken part in. We choose to participate because this competition measures qualities that we too hold dear, namely how well we deliver value laden financial advice. We look forward to building on this experience again next year.”

“We launched the Awards to showcase financial planners doing professional, fiduciary-level planning while transforming their clients’ lives,” said Shawn Brayman, CEO of PlanPlus Global. “We had absolutely no idea the snowball effect that the Global Awards would have on advisors worldwide. The response from countries like Australia, Malaysia, and India has been incredible.” said Brayman


Global Financial Planning Award Winners:

• Michael Palumbos, Family, Wealth & Legacy, LLCl, Rochester, NY, USA (WINNER)
• Laurence Schiffman, Schiffman & Associates Wealth Management, Denver, CO, USA (FIRST RUNNER UP)
• Zak Smith, Sagium, Calgary, AB, Canada (SECOND RUNNER UP)

• Thayn Niemand, Verso Wealth Pty Ltd, East London, East Cape, South Africa (WINNER)
• Vivek Rege, V R Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India (FIRST RUNNER UP)
• Lovaii Navlakhi, International Money Matters, Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India (SECOND RUNNER UP)

• Paul Greenwood, WealthSpan, Melbourne, Australia (WINNER)
• Rocco Costa, Tupicoffs, Brisbane, Australia (FIRST RUNNER UP)
• Craig Wilford, Nexia Sydney Financial Solutions, Sydney, Australia (SECOND RUNNER UP)

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