PlanPlus Planit is the award-winning financial planning software. PlanPlus offers a variety of options for Independent Financial Advisors in multiple currencies, languages and jurisdictions. Use PlanPlus Planit to integrate investment and financial planning advice into your practice simply and easily. As an individual subscriber you can benefit from the same level of sophistication and features as our corporate clients.

Professional Level editions were carefully designed with different planning needs in mind (allowing you to perform both Cash based planning and Goal based planning). PlanPlus Planit is capable of producing a multitude of reports such as Asset Allocation and Death or Disability Analysis as well as multiple “What If” scenarios.

One of the most challenging aspects of serving clients as your relationship continues over many years is to continue to deliver value. Planit’s Review Process allows you to do just that. Each time a review is completed a “snapshot” is created to illustrate progress and trends.

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Who should use it?
PlanPlus Planit Community Edition is a FREE version of the Professional Level Editions. It is not typically used to do planning for clients, but rather, is used by insurance or investment advisors for calculator work, or it is periodically used by an advisor to create a quick report for a modular goal, i.e. educational funding.

What can you do with it?
This level provides FREE tools for advisors to perform goal based retirement planning and to also generate PDF Investment Policy Statements. In addition, there are a number of calculators, most notably a debt consolidation calculator.

Click here to see samples of the specific reports that you can create with the Community Edition

PlanPlus Planit Community Edition supports over 50 countries with basic currency, graduated taxation calculations, asset classes and more. The client’s country of residence drives the rules that are applied. More advanced localization is available in many countries like Canada, US, UK, China, Malaysia and so on. The software is available in 12 languages, with additional languages in development.

Online support is provided to Community Edition users through www.planipedia.org. Users may upgrade to one of our professional levels at any time.

How do you register?

Click here to register for your FREE Community Edition.

Who should use it?

Financial Advisors who have securities and/or insurance licensing and who are looking for a quick way to do accurate retirement projections for their clients.

Financial Advisors who want to create quick and simple investment management strategies for their clients.

Unlicensed advisors (fee only), accountants, etc. who want to provide advice to their clients regarding their retirement and other financial goals.

What can you do with Level 1?

You can create an easy to understand Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that provides guidelines on how your client’s money will be managed. For clients where you don’t have all of their assets under your management, this IPS process can help to bring a higher proportion of your client’s assets under your management since you are more easily able to coordinate the client entire portfolio.

You also get the Modular Goal process for doing very accurate Retirement projections using graduated tax rates. In minutes you can determine your client’s ability to achieve their target retirement income . . . and if they have gaps, you can use the powerful “Planning Alternatives” to model a solution.

The Modular Goal process can also be used to do an analysis for other financial goals including Education. Access a database showing the cost to attend hundreds of colleges and universities around the world.

You can also identify your client’s needs in the event of death or disability using an income replacement methodology.


Click here for Sample Documents produced with Level 1.

Click here for Product Comparison chart and Pricing.

Who should use it?
Financial Advisors who have securities and/or insurance licensing and who want to add more detail to their investment management strategies by linking through to Morningstar data for daily pricing feeds and detailed asset allocation breakdowns on both existing client holdings and the products they are recommending to their clients.

What can you do with Level 2?

In addition to all the functionality of Level 1, with Level 2 you can aggregate all of your client’s holdings into one consolidated statement that gets daily pricing updates for mutual funds, ETF’s, Seg Funds and stocks.

Identify the detailed asset allocation of both existing holdings and the products you are recommending to your clients.

Build your own “Favourite Products” list to identify the investment products you recommend to your clients.

Create custom “Preferred Portfolios” that can be applied to client accounts with one click.   These portfolios can contain one or many products and can be flagged relative to the risk level they suitable for.

The product selection feature allows you to create detailed buy/sell lists for your clients by using your “Favourite Products”, your “Preferred Portfolios” or by merely using the product selection engine to choose products from the whole universe of products in your jurisdiction.


Click here for Sample Documents produced with Level 2.

Click here for Product Comparison chart and Pricing.

Who should use it?

Advisors who need access to the whole tool set in order to look at their clients affairs in a more holistic way. No stones are left unturned. For example, Stock Options are analyzed, Living Benefit insurance is considered and Holding Company assets are integrated into the plan.

This higher level of planning is also appropriate for advisors holding forth as a financial planner or performing more advanced estate and business planning functions.

What can you do with Level 3?

Level 3 is our most popular subscription. That’s because it gives you all the features of Levels 1 and 2 in addition to Cash Flow Base Life Goals Planning.

The very popular Personal Financial Strategy (PFS) document will identify where your clients are headed, given their current behaviour and our unique Auto Model process will identify what behaviour changes your clients need to make in order to achieve their goals. You can document your advice and recommendations that clients will want to implement because your recommendations will resonate as solutions to their problems. The plan document is not just a mass of numbers and graphs – it provides explanations, in layman’s terms.

If you need even more planning power, the Integrated Financial Plan (IFP) will let you do everything that the Personal Financial Strategy does but also incorporate estate planning, critical illness analysis and long term care analysis and much more.

There are as many 40 different reports that can be generated with Level 3. This would include a simple net worth statement, asset allocation report and analysis, insurance needs, and of course retirement cash flow. One report growing in popularity is the Progress Review Report. PlanPlus Planit can produce a year-over-year Progress Review that compares cash flow, tax, assets, liabilities, net worth, etc. This is a powerful report that showcases the client’s progress as time goes by and highlights the value the advisor has brought into the client’s world.  It also makes review time an interesting process.


Click here for Sample Documents produced with Level 3.

Click here for Product Comparison chart and Pricing.

Level 1 includes access to all of the Community Edition resources.Level 2 includes access to all of the Level 1 resources and  Level 3 includes access to all of the 1 and Level 2 resources.

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Risk Tolerance – PlanPlus Planit optionally integrates with FinaMetrica, a state-of-the-art psychometric risk profile system, to provide the most reliable estimation of your client’s risk tolerance in the industry today. FinaMetrica is a user-friendly, simple and independent risk tolerance assessment.

FinaMetrica 12 – FinaMetrica has now developed a 12-question risk profile test based on their famous industry standard 25 question test that has been in use for the past decade. This test should have a reliability of +/- 6 which allows us to generate 5 risk groups.

FinaMetrica 25 – This FinaMetrica questionnaire has 25 questions and it has had about 500,000 respondents. The test is based out of 100 (mean 50, standard deviation 10) and a score for a person has a reliability of +/-4. This allows a “banding” of up to 7 risk groups ranging from the 1% of the population that is ultra-conservative to the 1% that is ultra-aggressive.

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Level 1
Financial Advisor
Level 2
Financial Advisor Plus
Level 3
Professional Financial Planner
Free $30 US/month $60 US/month $90 US/month
Key Features
Investment Policy Statement PDF Word Word Word
Multiple Portfolios check check check
Morningstar Data Integration check check
Product Selection check check
Modular Goal Based Planning Average Tax Full Tax Full Tax Full Tax
Retirement Planning using Cash Flow Based
Multi Life Goals
Progress Review check check
Estate Planning check
Business Features check
Help Desk: Phone, Email, or LIVE CHAT check check check
Learning Circle: online training sessions check check check
Virtual Training Program check check check
Optional Components
FinaMetrica 12 – $18.75 US/Month check check check
FinaMetrica 25 – $37.50 US/Month check check check


Virtual Training

PlanPlus offers training that you can take from the comfort of your own office. This approach minimizes your time commitment by eliminating the travel time and expenses associated with classroom training. You will benefit from a training experience that provides you with an interactive forum with a qualified PlanPlus instructor.

Attend the Virtual Training sessions from anywhere. The program is structured to be delivered in a series of three 2-hour sessions spaced out over three consecutive weeks. The concept concentrates on a case study approach to learning. You will be given exercises to complete at the conclusion of each session to practice what you have learned.

A PlanPlus training expert will walk you step-by-step through a case study to complete and run financial planning documents such as the Personal Financial Strategy and the Investment Policy Statement.

Target Audience: Participants for these sessions will be end users who utilize PlanPlus Planit to generate client presentations. The audience in some deployments may also be sub divided in cases where the corporate deployment targets multiple channels and thus where different features and processes are accessed. Classes are capped at 25 participants.

Time Commitment: Three 2-hour sessions (over the course of one month).

Venue: Because these sessions are on line, participants can be located anywhere as long as they have a telephone to dial in for the audio portion of the call, and have a computer with an internet connection to see the visual portion of the presentation.

Cost: These sessions are FREE to all PlanPlus Planit Professional users.

For more information, contact info@planplus.com


Case Consultations

Applying theoretical knowledge to real client cases and situations is often where the whole training process can go off the rails. The PlanPlus case consultation service gives you the final piece of the puzzle to ensure you get maximum benefit from your training investment. This service allows a user to access one of our PlanPlus experts (who is often a CFP) to review difficult cases where assistance is needed in dealing with complex situations. It can even be for less complicated cases where the user is merely trying to increase a comfort level with the tool.

Target Audience: Any user who need a deeper understanding of the more complex calculations and approaches used by the system.

Time Commitment: 1 hour (5 business days advance notice is required).

Cost: $150 per case for a time commitment of up to 1 hour.

Click here for Case Consultation Guidelines.



The Learning Circle

The Learning Circle is a live training community designed to help users of PlanPlus Planit get the most out of the software. The sessions are also designed to inform and educate advisors of recent developments and items of interest in financial planning.

As an example, one session might cover how to incorporate a defined benefit pension plan into the life goals analysis. While another could discuss how to do a comprehensive needs on death analysis using a life goals approach.

Target Audience: Anyone wishing to attend.

Time Commitment: These sessions typically are 25 – 30 minutes in duration and are held bi-weekly on Thursday’s.

Venue: Because these sessions are held online, participants can be located anywhere as long as they have a computer with an internet connection and speakers to see the visual portion of the presentation.

Cost: These sessions are FREE. Sessions are currently held in English.

Click here to view the current schedule and to register.

Watch and Read Training

PlanPlus Planit Training is provided in both video and text format, in order to cater to different learning needs as much as possible. The video clips allow you to see the data entry process and navigation first hand, while the text allows you to find more specific content quickly.

All training and reading materials are organized into ‘tracks’ so that you get the training that is relevant to your learning objective. And just as there are many different learning objectives for PlanPlus Planit, there are many different tracks so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. This way you have the flexibility to skip ahead, or to look at specific features in more detail.


PlanPlus is a superior financial planning software because I can quickly input/import client information and can easily produce from just basic illustrations through to full comprehensive financial plans without re-entering financial information. The quality of the risk questionnaire and its subsequent use to compare the target verses current asset allocation for reports and its integration with plan/illustration(s) is second to none. I have found that the training and support are excellent. These benefits together with continuous enhancements, such as the recently added ability to compare progress since previous reviews/meetings, make this a tool that pays for itself in improved efficiency.

Gary Hirlehey, CFP, R.F.P.
Independent Financial Planner
Balanced Financial Concepts Inc.

I have used PlanPlus for retirement planning for the past number of year and it works very well. I have found it to be a very helpful tool and easy for my clients to follow.

Gary McInnis,
Pelee Lighthouse Life & Financial

We explored most of the planning software options in the marketplace before settling on PlanPlus. We found that each different software solution had its own particular set of challenges. What sold us on PlanPlus was the fact that they not only seemed to have the least number of challenges, but they also had the best software support team, and an open-minded approach to problem-solving or adding enhancements to the program. The icing on the cake for us was that PlanPlus has the most robust training available amongst its peers.

Joel Attis, B.Comm, LL.B, CFP, CLU, TEP
Financial Advisor
AttisCorp Financial Group, Inc.

Our firm has used the FinaMetrica Risk Profiling system since our inception in 2008.  I am very pleased with the experience our clients go through in understanding their own attitude toward risk and return . . . and of course its benefit to us as portfolio managers.  Over the years I have observed a continuous improvement in the tools that support the risk profiling system.  I have no hesitation in recommending FinaMetrica to those colleagues who are seeking best of breed profiling tools.

Paul Tyers, CPA, CA, CFP, CIM
Managing Director, Wealth Stewards Inc.
Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Stewards Inc.
PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards Winner – 2017, 2018

Live Support

If you are stuck, feel free to use our 24/7 Live Chat available in PlanPlus Planit or call 1-800-601-1762, where one of our PlanPlus employees will be more than happy to assist you. During peak hours, we will return your call as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to use our free support line where our friendly staff will help you resolve any issues.


In order to make learning easy for our subscribers, PlanPlus provides a number of self-help options, most of which are available to all PlanPlus Planit users.

Users Manual

An online Users Manual is available that provides detailed information on how each feature in PlanPlus Planit works. You’ll come away with a good understanding of how to use our different process flows in order to achieve the results you desire. The Manual includes 200+ embedded mini-movie links, giving users the ability to watch short 1-5 minute movies on how to perform common functions.

Screen Help

On-line help is available on every screen of PlanPlus Planit. This handy option is available at the click of a mouse. On-line help provides an explanation on each screen.

Support Desk

Should all other alternatives not provide you with the help you require, our support desk is available for PlanPlus Planit Professional Edition users. Our support staff will be happy to answer your questions.


Planipedia is a collection of published and referenced information relating to financial planning. Planipedia is a new community wiki that functions in a similar way to Wikipedia. Financial planners anywhere in the world can search, add and edit various articles and documents that contribute to consolidated and reputable sources of information. This vision for the community sharing of knowledge and resources aims to raise the bar of professionalism for financial planning.

Country Specific FAQs

PlanPlus is continuously updating the Frequently Asked Questions as our software continues to evolve. The FAQs provide answers to very specific issues that users often ask about. Learn more about certain tasks and functions in PlanPlus Planit by accessing our Frequently Asked Questions library once you are signed into PlanPlus Planit in the Training section.

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